Fun Colors!
bumGenius! One-Size Pocket
cloth diapers will fit your baby
from birth through potty
training! Recommended by
moms everywhere.
Experience the first cloth diaper loved
by every-day people - like your
babysitter, grandparents and even dad!
The bumGenius! one-size cloth diaper is
the first cloth diaper to feature
stretch-to-fit tabs (patent pending),
making cloth diapering as easy AND as
comfortable as disposables.

Cloth diapering has never been so easy!
bumGenius! one-size cloth diapers offer
an industry first, stretch-to-fit tabs
(patent pending). The comfortable fit
and simple design make cloth diapering
as easy as using disposables. This
simplicity makes the bumGenius!
one-size cloth diaper perfect for care
providers who might be resistant to cloth
diapering (including daycares)!
Less Clutter

Highly Absorbent
Every bumGenius! diaper includes the highly acclaimed
Cotton Babies Microfiber Insert. If you are using this
diaper on a small newborn (under 10 pounds), we
recommend purchasing microfiber diaper doublers or
Hemp Babies Little Weeds to use until your baby is a little
bit bigger.
bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth
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Check out our Natural
Bee Balm Salve!
A pure salve that is
great for diaper rash
and other skin
conditions.  Wonderful
for sensitive skin!
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bumGenius! One-Size Pocket cloth diapers
These bath crayon sets are so fun, and really help
out when trying to get your toddler to want to take a
bath! Each set has 4 Bath Crayons, Red, Yellow,
Blue, and Purple. My toddler loves hers, so I had to
set aside an extra set for her too. Each set also
comes with an "eraser" sponge in a fun shape.
Introducing our Non-toxic Crayons made with
our Beeswax and completely Non-Toxic pigments.
In this set of five large Waldorf style crayons are
Ultramarine Blue, Purple Grape, Brick Red,
Yellow Gold, and Green Earth.
bumGenius! Diapers