Here is a review from one of our favorite happy customers:

"My kids and I both are very impressed with the bath crayons.  They wipe off easily unlike other brands
of of bath crayons we've tried. I love that their skin is so soft and healthy.  They have so much fun
using two colors to create tinted bathwater too."  
~Megan D.


Your bath crayons will last quite a while, but will dissolve just like any other soap, if left in water. They
will also color the bath water. They wipe clean easily from your tile and bathtub, and will provide hours
of bath time entertainment for your child.  Please note that these bath crayons may not work on all
surfaces, such as very smooth acrylic or fiberglass.  They work best on tile and ceramic bath tubs,
probably due to a slightly more porousness.  We have only had one customer so far state that it did not
work on the surfaces in her family's bath.

Please note that due to the very rainy and damp weather that we experience in Oregon at this time of
year, we have found it necessary to include a small dehumidifier silica pouch in each package of bath
crayons.  It is non-toxic.  However, we highly recommend that it be removed before giving this package
to a child.  The silica pouch is tucked into the paper backing of the bath crayons.

After hearing about still more recalls due to lead in our children's toys, and finding out that many of the
pigments used in crayons and bath crayons contain lead and mercury, and other dangerous
chemicals, I did more research. At first I thought that it might be safe to purchase bath crayons made in
the USA. So I looked at ingredients in all of the bath crayons on the market that I could find, and there
were chemicals in the ingredients list that I just wouldn't want my child to play with.

I decided to attempt to create a completely safe and natural bath crayon for my child and my friend's
children. After exhaustive research on toxic and non-toxic pigments, (my art school background has
proven valuable), I have found about five pigments made by a US company that are completely safe
and non-toxic.

Ingredients:  pure castile soap and natural non-toxic pigments and clays.

If you would like links to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), for any of our pigments or clays used,
please email us at clearhillshoney@yahoo.com.

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Natural Non-toxic
Bath Crayons!
These bath crayon sets are so fun, and really help out when
trying to get your toddler to want to take a bath! Each set has 4
Bath Crayons, Red, Yellow, Blue, and Purple. My toddler loves
hers, so I had to set aside an extra set for her too. Each set also
comes with an "eraser" sponge in a fun shape. Please select
your color preference in the custom option.

Our natural bath crayons are made with pure castile soap and
completely Non-Toxic pigments. The colors are earthy as the
pigments are all natural. The red is a nice Brick Red, the blue is
Ultramarine Blue, etc. These are nice vivid colors, but much more
earthy than the neon colors of artificially colored bath crayons.

They are in the form of fun happy people! Each crayon is
approximately 1 1/2" long, and 3/4" thick.  Recommended for
children ages 3+ or that no longer like to put found objects in
their mouths.
clear hills honey beeswax natural lip balm soap salve cream cloth diapers baby
bee with honey lip balm, lipbalm, with honey, propolis and essential oils
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Only $8.95!  
Includes a free
fun shaped sponge!