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Bath Crayons!
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Introducing our Non-toxic Crayons made with our Beeswax and completely Non-Toxic pigments. In this
set of five large Waldorf style crayons are Ultramarine Blue, Purple Grape, Brick Red, Yellow Gold, and
Green Earth.

After hearing about still more recalls due to lead in our children's toys, and finding out that many of the
pigments used in crayons contain lead and mercury, and dangerous chemicals, I did more research. At
first I thought that it might be safe to purchase crayons made in the USA (the major brand name crayon is
made in the US). But after researching on their own website what ingredients are in those crayons, I
found out that those crayons are made with paraffin wax exclusively and pigments that, though approved
as non-toxic, I am still very suspicious of. The data on paraffin varies, but paraffin is made from
petroleum. And petroleum is toxic. So I wanted to find a safer crayon.

I looked at German made beeswax crayons, but they are very expensive (after all, they have to be
imported), and I have read that they don't even have 25% beeswax in them.

I decided to attempt to create a completely safe and natural crayon for my child and my friend's children.
After exhaustive research on toxic and non-toxic pigments, (my art school background has proven
valuable), I have found about five pigments made by a US company that are safe and non-toxic.
Your set of beeswax crayons will come nicely packaged in a small ziplock bagette with care instructions.  

Ingredients:  Pure beeswax, natural non-toxic pigments and clays.

If you would like links to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), for any of our pigments or clays used,
please email us at clearhillshoney@yahoo.com.
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