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Clear Hills Honey Company - Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Reviews of our Natural Beeswax Lip Balm:

“I just wanted to express to you once again how impressed I am with the lip balm I purchased from you. My family has all been struggling with one cold or flu after another and tend to develop cold sores when sick. My husband has battled them all of his life. He swears up and down that the only thing that helps heal his cold sores is your tea tree lip balm. Thanks again for your great products!” -Lisa H.

“I have never had a lip balm I love so much. It is never sticky and instead of just coating the lips with grease, you can feel it moisturizing and leaving your lips silky smooth. I am very impressed it is all natural as well. Thanks for a great product!” -Katie R.

“One of the coolest things about your lip balms is that they are available in such an amazing range of natural flavors! I also love how smooth and easy they are to apply, they’re not thick or gooey, they melt right on my lips.” -Sarah B.

“As far as the lip balm goes, I swear I will never use another brand as long as I live. It feels soft on the lips, without being greasy, it lasts a long time on the lips, and it didn’t melt to a liquid when I accidentally left it in my car this summer! I also am totally in love with the scents you use. The Sweet Jasmine is my favorite!” -Michelle B.

“Clear Hills Honey has the best flavors: Chai and Vanilla Lavender are my favorites. The balms stay on for a long time, and are smooth and silky like lips should be. Trust me, they’re FABULOUS!” -Gabrielle J.



Reviews of our Bee Balm salve:

My son suffered from severe eczema which turned into a really bad case of impetigo. Absolutely nothing worked until I found Clear Hills Honey online and tried their Bee Balm Salve on my son’s rash. It has healed beautifully, he’s finally stopped itching and we’ve even started using it on cuts and on an ingrown toenail! It heals all skin problems our family has had. -A. Segerman

“My son had split his lip badly. None of the normal creams I used were making much of a difference. I used the Bee Balm and after 2 applications, it was hardly noticeable the next day that his lip had even been injured.” -Megan D.

“I totally love the salve. I have used it for all sorts of things. It’s just the right consistency for lots of different applications, and again, I like that it’s natural… from the base to the active ingredients.” -Eric M.



Reviews of our Honey Bee Soap:

My husband has been battling athlete’s foot for years, we have tried everything from vinegar soaks to every over the counter and prescription for athlete’s foot we could get our hands on and nothing would clear it up. After I received your honey glycerine soap and bee balm, he has been washing his feet twice a day with the soap and putting the bee balm on them 3 times a day and his athlete’s foot is completely gone. He is going to keep using your honey glycerine soap and bee balm once a day for maintenance of his feet. It is the first time in years he has been free from the athlete’s foot and wants to keep it that way. -P. Nelson

“My favorite item to use is the bee soap. After all these years I finally found something that my face feels great with. I don’t have to worry about it drying up my skin or making my face too oily. The balance is just right for my complexion.” -Patricia D.

“The bee soap was just terrific on my son’s skin. He has something like eczema, or contact dermatitis…we aren’t sure yet, but the soap made a big difference in the texture of his skin. It seemed to clean well, without being harsh.” -Michelle B.



Reviews of Our Vanilla Honey Cream with Shea Butter:

“Hey, I just have a couple of kudos for you. I kept one of the vanilla honey creams for myself and absolutely love it. It is luxuriously soft and smooth and makes my old, dry hands feel the same. I’m hooked.” -Lisa H.

“Hands down, my favorite thing about your vanilla double cream is how amazing it smells! I like to use it on the super dry patches of skin, like my alligator elbows. It’s also perfect for using on pulse points as a moisturizer AND a scent!” -Sarah B.