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We are a beekeeping family located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Our family
kept 110 bee hives at one time & we extracted the honey and gathered the honey
bi-products ourselves. We use honey, beeswax, and propolis to create value
added products like lip balm, soap, cream, salve, and candles.

Dr. Charles Hunt started keeping bees over 30 years ago in Alberta, Canada. After
moving back to the United States, he and his wife Katharine started the Clear Hills
Honey Company in Eugene, Oregon. They have both been active as board
members of the Lane County Beekeepers Association, helping the organization to
grow. They also assist at the local bee school which is held in Eugene once a year.
They sold honey at the local Lane County Farmer’s Market from 1997 to 2006.

Charles’ and Katharine’s son Andrew, and Andrew’s wife Carmela joined the
business. Andrew helped with extraction, while Carmela developed new high
quality products for sale. These include the soap, cream, salve, & lip balm shown
on this site. Carmela is also responsible for the development of this website and
all of our products. Now Carmela is the sole proprietor of Clear Hills Honey
Company, and her daughter Misia is learning and helping with the business.

You can see the Hunt family on the show Dirty Jobs hosted by Mike Rowe on the
Discovery Channel. Our episode is called “Honey Harvester”!

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit with us! Thank you!

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